Powering Our Communities

At Festival Hydro Inc., we take pride in our ability to be involved in big idea’s. We use technology to innovate and change the way we produce, consume, and distribute energy across our communities. We aim to provide the highest quality service that not only meets, but exceeds, customer expectations.

Festival Hydro also handles water billing for the Municipality of the City of Stratford and the Town of St. Marys.
Closing the Gap

Sign Up for Paperless Bills

Go paperless between August 1 - September 30, 2021 and Festival Hydro will donate $5.00 to the Stratford General Hospital Foundation's "In Our Hands" campaign for each new paperless billing account.
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Water Services

Festival Hydro is responsible for billing for water usage and reading water meters on behalf of the Municipality of the City of Stratford and the Town of St. Marys.
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Conservation & Energy Savings

Get tips, tricks, and useful information that can help you save money and manage your electricity consumption.
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Sign Up For a MyFestival Hydro Account

With a MyFestivalHydro account you will get instant access to your historical billing and energy usage data, account balance and payment records 24/7.
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Need help keeping up with your bills?

Festival Hydro offers a variety of assistance programs to help customers.
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Call or Click Before you Dig!

You can request utility locates online 24/7 via Ontario OneCall.