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Information Regarding Generation Facilities Interconnection to Festival Hydro

One of the goals of the Provincial Government is to create more opportunities and encourage the connection of small generation facilities to the electrical distribution grid. As a result, under the direction of the Ministry of Energy, The Net-Metering Program is being offered to any Ontario electricity consumer who can generate electricity from renewable resources.

These programs allow customers to generate some or all of their electric load requirements (referred to as load displacement). The process is governed by regulated financial settlements with the Local Distribution Company (LDC) in accordance with the Retail Settlement Code (RSC).

What do you need to know about embedded generation? Embedded generation is considered any generation facility which is not directly connected to the transmission grid, but instead is connected to a distribution system. (i.e., Festival Hydro)

Festival Hydro supports the incorporation of embedded generation facilities within the electrical distribution system in Festival Hydro territory. The process is guided by the latest revision of the Distribution System Code (DSC) issued by the Ontario Energy Board . The Code sets out the minimum obligations that a licensed electricity distributor (such as an LDC) must meet in carrying out its obligations. The latest revision of the Code can be found on the official website of the OEB under Industry Relations/Rules, Codes, Guidelines and Codes.

Generators of electricity are divided into different sizes in accordance with the DSC.

Generator Classification

Generator Size


>< = 10 kW


> = 10 kW and < = 1 MW


> = 500 kW and < = 10 MW


> 10 MW

Festival Hydro will apply its Conditions of Service for any generation interconnection costs and/or any metering changes that Festival Hydro deems necessary to allow for settlement purposes.

If you are interested in installing a large generation facility and connecting it to the electrical distribution grid, please contact the Operations Department at Festival Hydro at

Contact Information

For further inquiries on embedded generation interconnection to Festival Hydro's system or on applications to interconnect a generation facility to Festival Hydro's distribution system, please contact